About Us

Hi, I'm Paul, a 16 yo High School student who started a buisness. Since the beginning of the lockdown I've wanted to do something with all of the spare time that I found myself having in the midst of the crisis. That's when I got the idea to start a buisness. My dad was in the Marine Corps and like many others had a sticker showing his affiliation on his car. I saw the sticker and thought to make a sign out of it and thats where I am today. After all that I've learned so far I thought I could teach others how to do something similar so I started the entrepenuership club at my school with the help of some friends. Through this experiance I've been able to show them the process with its pains and joys leading up to a sucessful buisness. It's been a year long journey so far but I've had a lot of fun along the way (apart from paperwork) and sincerely hope I can keep this up! Thanks to all of you!